Senator Capito | Parsons Advocate


Dear Editor,

Senator Capito is up for re-nomination in this year’s primary. This letter is for the republicans who may not actually know how Senator Capito stands on some major issues. There are a couple things that she isn’t exactly conservative on and it’s a big deal for many of us.

The Senator has gone on record that she would consider voting for amnesty for the illegal immigrants already here. Sadly, she has also spoken at interviews and party events that that she would take a closer look at Red Flag laws, and many Mountaineers would be affected if the laws continue to be enacted in the several states. A few have done so already.

We have alternatives, friends. There is another republican on the ballot this year and his name is Allen Whitt. He believes that we must have compassion for all people, but remember there are many native citizens who need help. It’s not fair to favor a non-citizens status over theirs. He also warns about states pushing the wrong agenda with the Red Flag laws.

Look up Mr. Whitt’s website. Make the comparison between who is direct on these issues and those that waffle.

Harold Arbogast
Main Street, Parsons, WV