Ronceverte Public Library hosts Virtual Talent Show


The Ronceverte Public Library will be holding a virtual talent show as a means to continue to reach out to the community with entertainment in these times of crisis and unknowns. We will be taking submissions from the public through our Facebook page or one of our other social media platforms. There will be five categories to submit under, though winners will be selected at-large; Song and Instruments, Performance Arts, Pets, Literature, and Miscellaneous acts.

Each person wishing to vote for their preferred video may purchase a vote for at least $2 securely through PayPal. The winners of the most votes will receive a portion of their money raised. The amounts for each place will be 20% for first place, 10% for second place, and 5% for third place.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, Oct. 30. Voting will begin that following Monday on Nov. 2, and run through to the month until Monday, Nov. 30, 2020.

All votes will be counted the next day on Tuesday, Dec. 1, and a winner will be announced then.

General Rules: Must be in video format, Video must be of the person submitting or a parent or legal guardian, No nudity/abuse/profanity/alcohol/drug use, No use of copyrighted materials or images, All participants must be aged 13 or older, No social media or special camera filters including voice changers, special effects, and overlay disguises, Video must be no more than 4 minutes.

Categories: All videos will be reviewed prior to submission and may be denied for any reason. Appropriate acts are permissible under each category so long as the act is one of the following criteria.

  • Song and Instrument: Vocals, no karaoke, Instrumentals, Bands, General Music (Includes nontraditional instruments and vocalizations)
  • Pets: Must be a pet of the person submitting the video. No abuse or obscene gestures or commands
  • Performance Arts: Dance and Choreography, Cheering and typical “street performances,” Individually or as a team, May include an instrument, but must include another act alongside
  • Literature: Poetry, Stand-up, Storytelling, other various spoken word performances
  • Miscellaneous: Visual Arts and How-To’s, Various mixed arts that incorporate more than one of the previous categories, Any talents not covered in previous categories.


  • Record a video of yourself performing your talent or talents
  • Upload the video to social media and tag the Ronceverte Public Library, and/or send a copy to the Ronceverte Public Library Facebook Page
  • Upon Review, your video will be approved and uploaded into its category on Facebook and our other social media platforms
  • After approval, a release for the public use and display by the library must be signed, dated, and a copy delivered to the library by email, fax, or in person
  • After the deadline, voters will pay at least $2 through PayPal or any monetary offer in person at the Ronceverte Public Library to cast a vote for each person, voters may vote for the same submission more than once.

If you would like to contact the library for assistance or questions, we will be offering amenities to assist in the process. This includes access to the internet, webcam, and direct upload from the library’s social media accounts by our staff.