‘Please repeat what I say accurately’


Dear Editor:

Mr. Detch! If you are going to attempt to repeat what I say, please do so accurately.

28 July 2020, I asked about your position on: Antifa’s looting, burning, and destruction of private property; Mr. Biden’s position that we do not need to worry about China; and what was your executive committee’s position on defunding police, support for Antifa, gun possession, wealth tax, and Socialism.

11 Aug 2020, I asked about looting, burning, and killing by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and their goal to lead America and Yes using a “secret police force” to control the other 90% of Americans. And restated Mr. Obama’s statement that “it would take a miracle to return manufacturing to America” and that the Miracle IS HAPPENING under President Trump.

19 Aug 2020, I wrote about the Democratic Convention’s failure to even mention so many topics that American wants to know about, such as: Controlling Antifa, Education of Children, Funding of Armed Forces, THE ECONOMY, Wealth Taxes and how added taxes will grow the economy.

26 Aug 2020, I will quote Mr. Vernon Jones: ‘’The Democratic Party has become infected with the pandemic of intolerance, bigotry, socialism, Anti-law enforcement bias and a dangerous tolerance for people who attack others, destroy property and terrorize our Communities.” Mr. Jones is Black and has the experience to know what he is talking about.

Mr. Detch, your “Longest economic growth in history lead by Obama, using trickle-up economics, with China’s economic expansion.” You are Correct, Mr. Detch, for eight years the US exported jobs and money to China to feed their industries, military and global ambition. The US exported about $650 Billion each year to China, which provided cheap goods, increased Food Stamp usage, and increased costs for medical care, which resulted in most Democratics crying on election night in celebration of  the causes for Candidate Trump’s victory.

Frank W. Tuckwiller