On Robin Loudermilk’s party switch


Dear Editor:

Robin Loudermilk, who was elected County Clerk of Greenbrier County as a Democrat recently announced she was switching political parties. Local Republicans held a political rally at the courthouse wearing many red shirts and very few masks. Forgetting that Independents also vote, they celebrated that their party now had more registered voters than the Democrats. Robin claimed her reason for switching was: “I have watched the number of Democrats decrease and the number of Republicans increasing” – “People everyday that are 84, 85-year-old, they’re turning Republican.

As chairman of the County Democratic Party I was asked to comment:

First, since Robin does not come up for election until 2022, she could have made her announcement quietly after the November election. Instead she chose the week of the Republican Convention and coordinated her switch with the local Republican Party to garner the maximum amount of publicity such a flip might generate. She was using her office and public property to promote her new party. Robin chose to violate the code of ethics of election neutrality, rigidly practiced by past county clerks.

She did not join the respected Republican Party of our elders, she joined the Party of Trump.

On the 100th anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote, why would a women officeholder join a party headed by a President whose most famous quote is “Grab them by the p***y.” One of the Republican convention speakers was a woman who advocates that women give up their vote, have only one vote per household, decided by the husband. No wonder that with College Educated Women, Donald Trump trails Joe Biden by 40 points.

Robin forgets that elections are not won by registered voters alone: they are won by the candidates. The Democrats have the best candidates. Look at Cindy Bowes, and Jeff Campbell for Delegates, Dan Withrow for Commission, and Bill Laird for Senate. The Democrats have the strongest slate of candidates in years and we took every county office in 2018.

The search is now on for our next county clerk. The Democrats are looking for a candidate who is competent and has integrity. Contact me, if you have any suggestions.

Paul Detch, Chairman

Greenbrier County Democratic Committee