Hull and Stahl took a picture in front of one of their favorite places during the race, the majestic Oregon mountains.  (WG)

Pam Dudding Contributing writer

The Great Race, limited to models made before 1972, is a nine-day road rally that focuses on time, not speed. This year’s route traveled between Riverside, California and Tacoma, Washington.

Josh Hull and Trevor Stahl started the race in good weather, but the days ahead brought everything from rain, sleet, snow, frigid temperatures and temperatures over 100 degrees.

Hull, a previous Fire Fighter in Craig County, and his driving partner, Stahl, made the trip for the fifth year in a row.

“It was by far the most beautiful route we have ever taken. We loved it,” Hull said. “Our favorites were the Avenue of the Giants, Crater Lake and the Cascades National Park.”

Their famous Stars and Stripes 1932 speedster had its good days and bad days in the winner poles.

They had put over $12,000 of further modifications into the car. “The car handled like a dream. We had no mechanical issues at all,” noted Stahl.

Hull and Stahl prepared for the Pacific North West which brought frigid temperatures and less…

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