By Sarah Richardson

However, Public Works Director Roger Pence, the author of the post, says that the title “voluntary water conservation” was added by another page administrator, and the city is not under any official conservation measure.

“Please help conserve water by not using it for non-essential uses such as car washes, watering lawns and gardens, pressure washing and swimming pools,” the announcement states. “The Greenbrier River is extremely low and very little if any rain is in the area forecast for several days. Low water levels put stresses on the system which may lead to water leaks and pump failures. Currently, we are still pumping at normal levels and are near full capacity of storage in our tanks. However, it is possible that the situation could call for mandatory water conservation measures in the near future. Thank you for doing your part to conserve our drinking water.”

Pence clarified that he wrote the post in order to avoid an official conservation, and said there are no issues affecting the water system that mandate any official conservation level.

“What we have, officially, are conservation directives,” said Pence. “We have a voluntary water conservation directive and a mandatory…

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