Letters to the Editor for September 16 Edition



In these days of social unrest in so many areas of our nation and days that are leading up to our national elections, I have some concerns. I think we can all agree on at least one point: most, if not all, of us have never before headed into the election of a President with such a backdrop of unrest and sharp division in our nation.

One of my greatest concerns is the kind of thinking that people use to decide how they will vote on November 4, 2020. Many people are saying that this is probably one of the most important elections to date in the life of our nation. I agree with that statement, but since people on both sides of the political aisle are saying this, it means that we often find diametrically opposed reasons for saying it.

There are many criteria people will look for in a presidential candidate, and many will disagree with the one that I put first. Some will put a lot of emphasis on the candidates background, especially if you go back two or three decades. However, one must be careful to apply that test to both candidates and one must also balance that background with the candidates most recent record. There is much truth to the old adage: Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future!

People who know me well, will know how I am approaching this election and the thinking behind my decision on which presidential candidate I support. I unapologetically hold to a biblical worldview, and that worldview guides me in life in general.

I say that realizing that some readers of this article may have already had a knee-jerk reaction to the term biblical worldview, notwithstanding the fact that just a few decades ago that worldview was considered fairly mainstream in the heart of this nation. Unfortunately, too much of our society has been jaded by a social revolution that has unfolded right before our eyes.

However, it is my worldview which guides me to look at the candidates in this election; and the very first of the criteria I look for is the candidates view on the sanctity of human life, especially the most vulnerable – the unborn. If a candidate passes that test, in my estimation that person most likely will pass the other key biblical worldview tests as well, such as protecting religious liberty and promoting traditional family values.

The tests that we apply to the individual candidate should also be applied the candidates political party platform as a whole. That very critical test shows glaring differences between the two major parties in America today. And in my opinion, in the continuing battle for the soul of our nation, we cannot afford to overlook those striking differences.

Robert A. McRae

Eagle Rock