Candice Magill grew this 30 pound watermelon in her garden in Green Bank. The watermelon was cut Sunday, and fed six households. C. Magill photo

Candice Magill
Contributing Writer

I grew a 19.5 inch, 30-pound watermelon this year in my garden in Green Bank.

It all began with a plant I purchased at Crazy Harry’s in Elkins. I love melons, they are a treat. I also eat organic as much as possible, so growing my own watermelon was the ideal way to get an organic melon with no pesticides or herbicides in it. I took my little plants out to my raised bed, planted them, and watered them daily until they took off on their own with a good root system. After that, I watered them every few days then back to every time I mowed the lawn. On lawn mowing day, I would start by turning the sprinkler on the raised beds then I would mow while it watered things. The silly thing just kept growing, and as it got bigger, it took on a life of its own, and soon I was anxious about it getting ready for harvest.

It was heavy and all I had was bathroom scales, so I took them out on the porch and put the watermelon on the scale, and it hit 30 pounds.

We cut it Sunday, and it fed six households.

So much for…

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