Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

Driving through West Virginia, it’s impossible not to see those iconic white roadside markers which celebrate the people and history of the Mountain State.

Those signs will soon be joined by a new style of roadside marker called Legends & Lore. Much like the historic markers, these signs will share tales of the state, but instead of history, the signs will focus on folklore and legends – fiction or non-fiction – that make the state special.

The Legends & Lore Marker Grant Program was founded in 2015 by the William G. Pomeroy Foundation in New York. Foundation communications manager Steve Bodnar explained that the program gives states a way to honor the folklore of their communities.

“The program gives communities the opportunity to recognize an aspect of their cultural heritage that you might not find on a traditional historic roadside marker,” Bodnar said. “In light of that, it was important to us that Legends & Lore had its own unique look and be different from state markers, so we created a specially designed marker with its own trademarked logo.”

In 2019, the West Virginia Folklife Program became a Legends & Lore partner, opening up…

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