By Betty Gandee

This new section of the trail is safer than ever thanks to caring community members.
Lots of work has been put in so far to get the trail updated, and it should be completed before October 1.

The trail at H.E. White Elementary is an important part of the school.  This trail leads through a small part of the woods behind the school building and has been used for years as a part of the physical education program, haunted trails, and is often utilized by community members who want to be active and have a nice, cool, safe place to walk.

It is not a surprise that when the fitness trail needed some attention several community members, family, staff, and friends came out to lend a helping hand.  Ted Campell has organized the work, and together they have put in countless hours to make sure the trail looks amazing.

After all the hard work put in over the past few months, the trail is now midway through completion and plans to be completed by October 1, 2019, just in time for preparations for the upcoming fall carnival held each year at the school.

The school would like to thank all those who have made this possible and the community for always finding ways to support the school and students.

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