The 67th annual Patrick County Agricultural Fair is set to get underway Sept. 17, with a Mud Boggin’ competition slated to kick off the event.

The event gets underway at 7 p.m. Participants may bring their own ATV as spectators cheer on competitors attempting to make it out of the mud pit.

Other events, such as the Rodeo and Demolition Derby also are scheduled.

The Kiddies Power-wheel derby is set for Saturday at 6 p.m.

Away from the nail-biting performances, the Animal Barn is set to host a plethora of activities and cute critters, from goats on Tuesday, sheep on Wednesday, heifers on Thursday along with small animals that will be housed there all week, including rabbits, poultry, cavy (think gerbils, Guinea pigs), and others.

Horses will make their appearance on Friday, and beef cattle will be judged Saturday.

Youth exhibitors will be showing on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday to be judged as having the best animal of each breed at the fair. Both Goats and Sheep will have a costume contest to close the show on their respective evenings.

A photo booth stall will be available in the barn to capture and take a fair memory home; a Black…

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