By Peggy Mackenzie

“What is pickleball?” you ask. “It’s the fastest growing sport you’ve never heard of,” said Public Works Director Roger Pence, who made a pickleball presentation to the Parks Commission during a recent meeting. The initial response from the commissioners was mixed, in part because the sport was generally unheard of, but a quick online review revealed that numerous West Virginia communities, large and small, have established pickleball clubs and organizations. WVSOM student Parks Commission member Noel Mellor concurred, stating that among the students at the school, pickleball is already a popular sports activity.

Described by Pence as an opportunity to serve “needs not met” at the City’s parks, and as a sport activity that’s easily adaptable at minimal effort and expense, pickleball could soon be the next big thing in Lewisburg. The Parks Commission, it must be recognized, is not in the business of advertising and promoting activities, just in providing access to activities, Pence said. The next obvious step appeared to be to gather information and evaluate where to develop pickleball courts.

At last Tuesday evening’s Parks Commission meeting, a net, or “trial balloon,” was…

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