By Betty Gandee

Deliciously Vivid has already selected several areas to update with hand-painting murals in the Clay and Two Run areas.
Along with murals, Deliciously Vivid hopes to work on general beautification efforts around the county.

The idea for interactive murals came to mind, and the support started to gather even more.

Dwayne Cottrell, Vanessa Dunigan, and Mayor Shamblin quickly got to work to provide Clay County with a much needed change in beautification.  The group was named Deliciously Vivid, and the donations and volunteers started to suggest ideas for the areas to be painted.

Several areas in downtown Clay and the Two Run area have been designated to be painted with murals, with many submissions being voted on by the board for approval.  The board consists of Dwayne Cottrell,  Donna Salisbury, Vanessa Dunigan, Ashley Truman, Tabitha Sears-Adkins, and Mayor Shamblin.

The community support is no surprise in Clay County, they will always show up to support and help the county in any way. Look for more than just paintings from this group. Their goal is to continue to make Clay County a more beautiful place to live and attract the eyes of visiting tourists as the town continues to grow….

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