Senior Scientist Tom Thomas celebrates 60 years of service with ABB in Lewisburg

Tom Thomas, senior scientist, has been directly involved with the success of engineering solutions for the Lewisburg products which include the process gas chromatographs, especially the Model 9000, PGC2000 and PGC5000; the Multiwave photometers, the Reid Vapor Pressure analyzers and numerous others.

In addition, Thomas has received various innovative patents on ABB’s behalf. In 2008, he also received the most prestigious Arnold O. Beckman Founder Award from the professional organization, ISA Analytical Analysis Division.

 (Except from ISA, INTECH journal, August 2008)

“Most of Thomas’ career has been devoted to the perfection of the gas chromatograph.  In addition to the sulfur measurement advance, he is responsible for circuit designs for the first solid state online GC controller, the pre-amp circuit for the first on-line flame photometric detector for sulfur analysis, the temperature control circuit for the first temperature programmed online GC, the circuits for the first fully digital IR and UV process photometer, digital/analog circuit designs for the first electronic pressure control online…

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