By Peggy Mackenzie

The official photo of Lewisburg’s new lineup of council members: Ed Johns (left), Sarah Elkins, Heather Blake — Mayor Beverly White, center – City Clerk Shannon Beatty, Aaron

Syner, who is in charge of the Community construction committee, displayed a rendering of the proposed school upgrade, stating that six classrooms will be completed by June 2020 and ready for occupancy for the following fall classes, with the remaining six and the gymnasium to be a phase two project.

The purpose of the project is to create a school and a community center, Syner said. The design and engineering for the project will be done by The Mills Group, but will not be a historic preservation project. Instead, the board is aiming to preserve major portions of the structure as possible. The school board has contracted with Janice Cooley to safeguard the school’s history, including artifacts. Syner said a main stairwell will become “the history walkway.”

A new roof on the main structure and updated guttering system are currently under construction. A second story will be added to the Maple Street side of the building where a new main entrance will be located. The entrance was on the Oak Street side, but Syner said, the Maple Street side provides better vehicular…

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