By Sarah Richardson

The video, which seems to be from a security camera located in the Ronceverte Police Station, shows Chief Byer, Assistant Chief E.D. Vaught, and detainee Gavin Reed Alderman on Apr. 18, 2018. Alderman is pictured with his hands cuffed behind his back, and his feet chained to the floor. Alderman tries stand up out of his chair when he falls to the ground. He remains on the floor as Byer is seen walking toward him when he raises his leg and appears to make contact with Alderman’s face.

Ronceverte City Administrator Reba Mohler released the following statement after the video was released, “The City of Ronceverte just became aware of this video on July 2, 2019. The officer involved has been placed on paid administrative leave until an investigation is complete.”

This week, the city of Ronceverte released the following statement:

“The Ronceverte Chief of Police, J.R. Byer, Jr., was removed from administrative leave and fully reinstated by the City of Ronceverte upon completion of an internal investigation conducted by independent investigator, Michael Spradlin, retired West Virginia State Trooper. The investigation was prompted by the release of a video…

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