After six years of serving as Salem’s Chick-Fil-A Host Director, Jerry Gray made the difficult decision to return to Alabama to become a full-time pastor.

Last month, Jerry Gray was put in a tough predicament: either stay and continue to serve as the Host Director of the Salem Chick-Fil-A or return to his home state of Alabama to become a full-time pastor.

Gray, understandably, mulled over the decision for weeks. Before reaching a conclusion, he had extensive talks with friends and family members. What it ultimately came down to was, as Gray put it, “the need to just be back in the pulpit.”

“My wife and I, along with our two young children, moved on faith as I went to Bible College in 1982. I graduated in 1986, and took my first church that summer in Tennessee,” he added. “For the next 26 years, I pastored churches all over the South, including one in Roanoke.”

Born in Kingston, North Carolina, Gray is the oldest of five children. At an early age, he knew what a strong work ethic was because of the example his parents set for him.

In 1978, at age 23, Gray became a Christian and a youth pastor. He committed himself to full-time ministry…

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