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Alumni of Shinnston High School always look forward to a special gathering held every four years that has come to be called a Homecoming Reunion.  The event, held since 1976, invites members of ALL graduating classes to return to Shinnston for a weekend of festivities.  It does not happen, however, without lots of pre-planning on the part of members of the SHS Alumni Association (SHSAA) who meet at least twice a year and more often as the event draws nearer.

The planning committee has already met several times to consider options for Homecoming 2020 that will be held the weekend of July 17th and 18th, 2020.

While the event has traditionally gathered hundreds and hundreds of Spartan alumni back as far as classmates from the 1930’s and 40’s, many have passed away through the years and attendance has therefore lessened.  Many of those remaining, however, still anxiously await this opportunity for Spartan fellowship.

Despite reduced crowds, making arrangements still requires careful advance planning.  According to SHS Alumni Association President Debbie Malone, some plans have been decided upon; others are ‘maybes’; and still other options will be dependent upon feedback from alumni.

“Whether you’re dealing with a large group or a small one, it is hard to please everyone, but we try to go with what seems to be the majority choice,” she said.  “We know that for some people who attend, it involves travel and overnight stays at hotels if they have no family or close friends in the area, so we also try to consider cost as well while still having something ‘special’.”

Here are some of the things that will definitely be included in next summer’s weekend event.  They plan to have a trolley tour of historical sites in and around Shinnston, making probably three trips to accommodate those who wish to visit these sites.  An Open House at the Bice-Ferguson Museum will be…

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