By Cory L. Higgs

The Patrick County Board of Supervisors appropriated $300,000 for the county’s Health Insurance Fund at their Aug. 12 meeting, after County Administrator Tom Rose expressed concerns that August will be a high use month.

Rose said that the fund was at approximately $62,000. He explained that July was a “high expense” month, with more than $400,000 spent for county employee’s health costs. He anticipates August will be the same, however, Rose said there is no definite way to know how much money will be spent until the bills are received.

He also anticipates an incurred billing report will remove the guesswork of reviewing payment history for the previous month to gauge a budget outlook, Rose said and explained that “now we kinda have to use a crystal ball, we have to look at previous history and make some assumptions.”

Rose said the report would eliminate guesswork and show what the county owes. He will present the incurred report to the board in September.

Meanwhile, Rose said he and his team believe that they will not use the $300,000 in its entirety, but would feel more comfortable having it available, in case it is…

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