By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

It’s quite obvious this has been one of the wettest summers we have experienced in this region since….last summer.  Last year we farmers had difficult time getting hay in and crops planted and this year had to show up last year.  So what exactly has been happening during one of the busiest seasons for those of us dedicated to the agriculture field?

Here at Hickory Orchard Farm on top of Pifer Mountain, things have been full throttle for the last couple months.  Hay has been quite difficult to get baled with the lack of three consecutive days without rain.  As of now, we have two farms left to make hay on and we can finally say hay season is a wrap.  Unfortunately, one of those farms will be square baled which means far more manual labor will be necessary.

The cattle have been meandering around lazily from pasture to pasture as we rotate them between fields with adequate grass growth.  Inspecting the herd from…

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