By Aila Boyd

A Republican primary election was held last Tuesday for sheriff of Botetourt County, commissioner of the revenue for Botetourt County, and the Blue Ridge District on the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors.

The three men who emerged victorious will be the Republican Party’s nominees for the November 5 general election.


Matt Ward

The race for sheriff was crowded with Mike Vineyard, Matt Ward, and Jeff Stritesky all vying for the nomination. Ward received the largest share of the vote with 56.22 percent, which equates to 3,331 votes.

Stritesky came in second with 30.13 percent, 1,785 votes. Vineyard came in third, receiving 13.65 percent, 809 votes.

Out of the 11 precincts, Ward carried all of them except for two. At the Cloverdale precinct, Stritesky received 216 votes, whereas Ward only received 196. Stitesky also beat Ward by one vote in absentee voting.

In total, 5,925 votes were cast in the Republican primary for sheriff.

Ward, a master deputy with the Botetourt County Sheriff’s Office, will face off against Michael Stowell and Danny Crouse, both of whom are running as Independents.

The current sheriff,…

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