Photo by Shawn Nowlin
Carrie Young in the middle of a skit about her family.

It was Randy and Donette Spence, Pastors of Salem’s Freedom Church at 128 Mill Lane, who inspired Young to get into comedy.

“I’ve been doing comedy and music for about a year now. It took a while, but my pastors eventually convinced me that comedy is my calling,” Young said. “Because I’m walking in what I’m supposed to be doing, there is peace whenever I have a microphone in my hand.”

Earlier this year, the comedy duo of Austin Moyers and LeBrandon Marie contacted Young about doing a show at her church while they were touring in the area. The two friends have been performing together for ten years, and it showed when they were on the stage last Sunday. The Christian-based comics usually start each show with a prayer.

Plenty of laughs were shared amongst the audience.

“Today, we are going to start with a more youthful prayer. ‘Yo God. What’s up? It’s your boy Austin. We ask tonight that you let the service be lit. We want to keep it 100 hundred for you. We ask that our jokes be crispy, and for our dabs to be clean. Please let these people keep it real. In your…

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