Kay Ryder (left), a library assistant at the Buchanan Library, received the award that Craig Bryant, mayor of the Town of Buchanan, presented during the meeting last Monday on behalf of the library’s staff.
Photo by Aila Boyd

By Aila Boyd


The Buchanan Town Council recognized the staff of the Buchanan Library with a Buchanan Appreciation Award during its monthly meeting last Monday.

“Tonight, we recognize the contributions made by a team of public servants who give of their time and talents to make the Buchanan Library a special place in the heart of our citizens,” the award read.

Kay Ryder, a library assistant, was on hand and received the award on behalf of the staff of the library.

The award honored the following staff members at the library: Janet Buttram, Kay Ryder, Angie Veldhuizen, Julie Newcomb, Sandy Falls, and Skylar Witt.

“Buchanan is truly honored to show our appreciation for all the staff of the Buchanan Library do for our community by presenting each of you this Town Appreciation Award,” the award read.

Janet Buttram, the branch librarian, said that she was pleasantly surprised to find out that the library…

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