United States Attorney Mike Stuart announced that Mellissa Krystynak, 49, of St. Lucie, Florida, was sentenced to six months in prison for a mail fraud scheme she executed while employed as a counselor at Greenbrier West High School, in Charmco, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.  She was also ordered to pay $13,750 in restitution to the victim scholarship organizations, and she was fined an additional $5,000.

“A college admission scandal right here in West Virginia. Hiking a daughter’s grades and changing a daughter’s boyfriend’s grades are both new ones on me.  Although every parent with a teenager appreciates the fantasy, you just can’t do it even if you want to,” said United States Attorney Mike Stuart.  “Krystynak abused her position of authority to inflate her daughter’s grades and, adding even more harm, to use those fake grades to obtain college scholarships.  Everyone deserves a level playing field.”

Krystynak was a school counselor at Greenbrier West from 2011 until 2017. While she was employed there, two of her children attended the school.  Krystynak used her position as a counselor to gain…

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