Hurt & Proffitt Director of Cultural Resources Randy Lichtenberger checks a core soil sample Monday on the terraced garden at Botetourt Center at Greenfield.
Photo by Ed McCoy

This time, he and associate Keith Adams along with volunteers from Friends of Greenfield Preston Plantation (FGPP) were digging in selected spots on the terraces on the southern face of the hill where Lichtenberger spent several weeks two-and-a-half years ago looking for artifacts from the Greenfield manor house and two historic wooden structures that dated to the mid-1800s.

The five-step terrace has intrigued Lichtenberger, members of FGPP and others interested in the history of the plantation ever since the May 2016 dig. The terraces step down from the top of the ridge where the Preston manor house stood to near the edge of the small lake that’s now part of Botetourt Center at Greenfield.

Earlier this year, the Botetourt Board of Supervisors granted permission for Lichtenberger to take some core samples on the terraces and survey the site to see if there was a reason to do additional archaeological work on what are called the terraced gardens.

Those samples prompted the…

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