Nine Pocahontas County High School students were selected to represent the school in the 2018 Warriors Above the Influence poster. From left: Elijah Robertson, Breanna Sharp, Peyton Coleman, Emalee Arbogast, Jacob Jones, Brianna Hefner, T.D. Sparks, Emily Casto and Hunter Shafer were honored last Wednesday with framed copies of the poster. S. Stewart photo

Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

Nine Pocahontas County High School students were honored last Thursday during the Warriors Above the Influence 2018 poster presentation. Brianna Hef-ner, Hunter Shafer, Jacob Jones, Elijah Robertson, Emalee Arbogast, Breanna Sharp, Emily Casto, Peyton Coleman and T.D. Sparks were selected to represent PCHS.

Every two years, the Pocahontas County Prevention Coalition selects students to represent the school on a poster proclaiming their choice to be drug, alcohol and tobacco free.

Students go through a rigorous application process which includes an interview, drug screening and background check of their social media posts.

At the presentation, Prevention Specialist Cheryl Jonese congratulated the students who were selected and encouraged the student body to live a life…

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