The Town of Blacksburg and the Blacksburg Museum & Cultural Foundation, recognizing the significance of the Eastern Continental Divide, have emphasized with a painted blue line where it crosses South Main Street near Sunset Boulevard.

The Eastern Continental Divide runs through Blacksburg and is identified on South Main Street near Sunset Boulevard.

Signs are also posted nearby to identify the divide and explain its significance to local and national histories.

The sign reads:

Main Street, near here, crosses a barely perceptible ridge line. This line divides water flowing east to the Atlantic Ocean, via the Roanoke River basin, from water flowing west to the Gulf of Mexico, via the New, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers. In October 1763, by Royal Proclamation, King George III forbade Virginians to settle west of this line. Virginians considered the taking up of western land as their natural right. Shutting off access to this land was a provocation that accelerated the building momentum in Virginia for the coming American Revolution.

The Eastern Continental Divide is the geographical feature that separates the Atlantic Seaboard and Gulf of Mexico watersheds.

In the middle part of the Atlantic Seaboard states, it runs roughly along the ridges of the Alleghany Plateau and the Appalachian Mountains from Pennsylvania to Georgia where it flattens until it reaches the tip of Florida.

The divide separates waters flowing to the Atlantic Ocean from those flowing to…

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