Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

When Homeland Security is mentioned, it usually conjures up thoughts of terrorist attacks or terrorist threats. While that is the case in some instances, Homeland Security also focuses on other threats which, while on a smaller scale, still have the ability to destroy the peace in a small town.

West Virginia Homeland Security Area Liaison Shawn Dunbrack is focused on preparing our school system for situations that can put staff and students in harm’s way – whether it be from fire, chemical spill or an active shooter situation.

Dunbrack began working with Pocahontas County Schools last year to create plans for emergency situations.

“Basically, we started by asking, what is your plan, if anything happens – whether it’s a shooter or a fire, or anything – and you have to leave the school? Where are you going to go?” he said. “Each of the schools started looking at good places they could go to real quick – ‘if we can’t get out of the building and go across the road to Mitchell’s or a place like that.’”

Dunbrack said they all found places and identified areas that worked for each particular class or…

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