Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

There are children who attend school with all their supplies, clothes and needs met, with not a care in the world. Other children have no idea how they are going to get their supplies mainly due to their parents not being able to afford them which can cause stress within the household.

Superintendent Jeanette Warwick gave a big thumbs up as volunteers from the schools and community braved the hot weekend weather to collect donations for the students of Craig’s Schools. Pictured from left to right: CJ Crowder, Jeanette Warwick, Tracey Craft and Teresa Craft.

In Craig County, many people refuse to let this happen to their students. For the last several years, Craig County schools have participated in a “Pack the Bus” event designed to collect school supplies.

Wal-Mart has opened their doors and hearts to allow schools, who wish to participate, the opportunity to bring a school bus to their parking lot, park it in the front of the store and accept donations from people as they walk in our out of the building.

Craig County, along with Roanoke and Salem City schools, were allowed to use the Salem Wal-Mart store this…

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