Jerry Stover called the meeting to order at 1 p.m. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Treasures Report was given by Sandy Claybrook. Presidents report by Jerry Stover.

  1. Jerry attended the Lewis family picnic. The Lewis family owns property in the area of the old Elkhurst swinging bridge and are interested in helping save the bridge.  Several family members hope to work toward that goal.
  2. Quincy’s contribution to the Buffalo Creek Recreational Trail tourism project was discussed. She did the graphic design and painting of the sign posts that are to be located along the rail trail.  They were ready to be installed just before the 2016 flood and were saved because they had not yet been installed.  They are in the possession of the BDA.  That group is in need of more volunteers to help get the project off the ground.
  3. Roger Mullins from Mountaineer Auctions was a guest at our meeting. He is the auctioneer that sold the Mullins Farm property several years ago.  He knows a lot of history of the farm.  The present owner lives in Rainelle and rents out the house.  He is interested in promoting the farm in some way.  Mullins would like to collect any information about the…

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