Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

Many people were standing outside a building on Main Street, anticipating what they would find when the doors opened for a day of free things to be given away.

Craig County resident Becky Hutchison collected thousands of items and offered them for free to all who came through her doors.

On Saturday, June 4, Becky Hutchison welcomed locals into the Main Street building where the Antique Shop used to be, to a room full of thousands of items, all for free.

Hutchison birthed the idea a couple years ago. Her goal was to “offer a room packed with free things to people in Craig.”

She began preparing for this year’s collection event eight months ago. Every household item imaginable was present: furniture, décor, toys, holiday decorations and clothes for every size, including several pairs of new shoes.

She also personally bought food and items for people to have a grocery bag of new things to take with them. “We couldn’t believe all the things she is told us to take,” one lady exclaimed. “I’m overwhelmed with her generosity.”

Hutchison and her volunteers helped many who walk in to pick out items, carry them to the front as they…

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