Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

Robin Nobles represents the ideal team leader to bring life back to Camp Mitchell. By all accounts, she is a hard worker, responsible, possesses a genuine love for the community and is determined to become educated about the laws and guidelines needed to accomplish her goals.

The Board of Supervisors leased the camp under a one-year probationary period to see if Club Camp Mitchell (CCM) could support itself with help from the community. CCM has gained much community participation and developed programs over the last year as well as done minimal repairs and modifications to the gym.

“Now, after a year trial period, the county Board of Supervisors has given Club Camp Mitchell a five-year lease,” Nobles shared. “Now the real work begins.”

Club Camp Mitchell is the brainchild of Jeffrey Hickson and Robin Nobles. It was an attempt to save the…

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