Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

The beautiful stone sign at the Field of Dreams was built to Virginia State Park specifications. The original stone was secured by Eugene Hannah and Leon McCaleb, and the sign was built by professional stone masons Jerry Sligh and Eddie Helms. Mike Hinson provided the interior cyprus framing.

The popular movie Field of Dreams has encompassed the passion of many in Craig County to continue to assist in making a dream come true by building their own Field of Dreams (FOD).

In reminiscing 2017 and how much was accomplished, the people who have worked so diligently in the Field of Dreams have been incredibly thankful to everyone who has contributed to finishing the project.

Debbie Snead, Director of the Craig County Recreation and Conservation Association (CCR&CA), who oversees the Field of Dreams, shared that the initial idea started a landslide of…

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