From Lost and Scared to Found and Loved


By: Betty Lee

In mid-July, local animal rescuer Julia Wolfe received word of a homeless dog in the area that was feeble and scared. Stephanie Browning immediately jumped in to help, along with Kris Gray.  They started the daunting task of tracking down the frightened animal. Joyce Johnson cooked for those looking and aiding in the effort to rescue the dog, for the more time that passed the more her health clearly diminished.

The dog was malnourished and had several digestive issues when she was first rescued.
It’s still a work in progress, but her condition is improving thanks to the kindness of a few strangers.

Kris Gray set up a hunting blind and borrowed a trap, and, after a six-week search, the dog was finally caught and rescued.  Stephanie picked up the precious pooch the next day and Joyce made chicken and rice broth daily to clear up diarrhea and help nurse her back to health.

Julia sent puppy pads, paper towels, and supplies to continue to help with her care.  “Healing her body will be the easy part, healing her mind and soul will take much longer,” said Stephanie.

She cowers and hides if Stephanie so much as coughs or sneezes and prefers for it to be only he two.  Digestion is still touch and go but she is looking better daily.

Recent vet visits show much improvement and other than being anemic, which will be controlled by a diet high in probiotics, she is doing well and expected to recover nicely.