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Iron Gate Cemetery is also known as Iron Gate Hill Cemetery, Hill Top Cemetery, and Cary Cemetery.

The Gochenour section of Hill Top is related to the Bryants through proximity and, later, marriage.

The Cary portion of the cemetery contains a number of graves, many of which are marked only by funeral home metal markers. Undoubtedly, there are some graves which bear no marker at all or markers which are unreadable today.

It appears that the Hill Top Cemetery contains sections for a number of local families, but there is no central authority for maintaining and organizing the burials. Some family members will work to maintain the gravel road and keep the growth under control. But there is no authority responsible for protection or cleaning or maintaining the gravesites, or even determining where new graves may be placed. Those volunteers who have been taking care of the site are to be commended for their contributions of materials and labor. The cemetery is quite pleasant although there are no places for visitors to sit and reflect.

Some family sections are fairly well marked as to which family is represented. But there are indications of some families that have fewer members. And any relationships between some individuals are as yet unclear.

Some graves are marked by metal funeral home markers, many of which are so old that they are no longer readable. A few of the older, more ornate monuments have been marked with some sort of pink material, which appears to be defamatory but might clean off without significantly damaging the monument surface. It is not known at this time how to contact existing family members to persuade them to contribute toward the recognition and maintenance of the old graves, especially toward providing better markers.

Families in this cemetery include: Minter, Bryant, Cary, Lomasney, Clark, Morris, Wilmore, Johnson, Rose, Campbell, Foscoe, Gilbert, Jennings, Defibaugh and Gochenhour.

Those trying to reach it should use US 220 north through Iron Gate. Turn left on Alleghany Avenue and proceed, bearing left at top of hill. Go to forks in road and keep left on Alleghany Avenue, following it until a road sign with: End State Maintenance is spotted. Go just beyond this sign and a partially graveled road will go off to the left. Follow this road to the cemetery. There are no signs at the cemetery.


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