National Book Lovers Day is an unofficial holiday recognized nationwide. The concept of the day is simple: people are encouraged to put away their smartphones and every possible technological distraction and substitute that with a book.

The Salem Public Library is home to over a combination of 125,000 books, DVDs, audiobooks and more. Jerry Spinelli and Paulo Coelho are two of Lily Kilner’s favorite authors. Kilner, a senior at Salem High, says she uses the library’s resources at least once a week.

“I think reading is important because it is a great way to learn new information. I truly believe that solely focusing on technology as a way to inform one’s opinion limits intellectual growth,” she added.

Many parents, like Laura Biscotte, believe that reading provides a number of benefits. In addition to improving detail retention, she said, reading also helps with imagination and vocabulary. Biscotte’s two sons, Carter, a soon to be fifth-grader at West Salem Elementary, and Miles, a rising third-grader, read 30 minutes every night before going to bed.

       “I love how this day encourages people to pick up a book a read, regardless…

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