By Betty Gandee

This performance tells a story of pirates that find themselves shipwrecked on mermaid island, forced there by the evil Kraken.  The pirates must gain the trust of the mermaids for them to help restore peace.

This is a thrilling tale of adventure, goodwill, and teamwork that is sure to keep the audience captivated through diving tricks, vocal performances, and many types of dance organized by instructor, Terri King.

When speaking to Terri she says that every aspect of the show makes her more excited for each year. “From watching these kids grow in skill level, coming up with routines, to rhinestoneing every outfit, it’s all my favorite,” says King.

Cheyenne Adkins, a 10-year-old first year student, says just spending time with her friends over the summer and leaning something new is why she wanted to try this class.

Kylie Taylor of Fola has been with Terri for all three years of this program, and says she gets to spend time with her best friend each summer and looks forward to swimming with the mermaid tail.

Both of these students say Ms. Terri is great to work with and she pushes you to do your very best but also makes it very fun.

This show consists of 40 kids this year, all…

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