For each reunion, Harriett Childress and Joe Banks create a Memory Wall display, with photographs, news clippings, memorial cards, graduation announcements and other recognitions of Gladetown residents. Shown left to right are John Harris, Debby Grose, Harriett Childress, Joe Banks, Mandi Grose, Mayor Brad Grose, and Virgie Craighead.

Vinton’s Gladetown community held their biennial reunion on August 3 and 4 — a long tradition. The first reunion celebrating the Carline, Midway, and Gladetown communities was held on September 6 and 7, 1992.

At one time, Gladetown, Carline, and Midway were primarily black communities in Vinton. Gladetown lies south of Virginia Avenue (Route 24) and east of Third Street. Midway and Carline were located along Walnut Avenue. Midway is now mainly an area of white families. Carline disappeared with renovations to Walnut Avenue over the past 30 or so years. However, the Gladetown community has not only remained, but flourished. Th e reunions started out with a conversation between Joseph Banks, Glen Thomason, and the Rev. Melvin Anderson reminiscing about their years growing up in Gladetown.

They came up with a plan to celebrate the community and…

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