Relief because “the restaurant, unfortunately, did not meet the proper standards to serve the community. It got so bad that several employees created a petition to get rid of the owner.”

Hall, a former restaurant employee, quit in June and says he has yet to receive his final paycheck. He added, “when I mentioned that I need my check to pay my bills, I was told to contact corporate, and they would take care of it. That was several weeks ago. I’ve yet to hear anything since.”

At the time of the closing, Zaxby’s had roughly 20 part-time employees. They were all told to pick up their final paycheck on July 31 at the Roanoke location on Ordway Drive. When they showed up, they found that building to be closed too.

A sign that reads “closed for renovations” can be found on the front door in Salem. Because the property was rented, its future use will be determined by other parties.

Cinae Morgan, a longtime supporter of the Salem Zaxby’s, expressed her thoughts to family and friends after learning of the restaurant’s closing. “All things considered, I wasn’t really that surprised. I knew once they stopped accepting customer coupons…

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