Above, 2019 Spirit winner Justin Jackson proudly displayed his award in this photo on his Facebook page. Below, 1977 winner Cheryl Campbell Cain with her spirit stick. Submitted photos

Laura Dean Bennett
Staff Writer

4-H camp is held in June each year at Camp Thornwood, a former CCC camp in northern Pocahontas County. The camp lasts for five nights.

On the last night of camp, there is one last Council Circle which takes place around a fire lit by the camp’s “Ishkatay” or fire starter.

The entire camp, including all the “Big Feet,” or camp counselors, and the campers’ families, are present.

The camp awards are then presented.

Winners are chosen for the best representative in camp of each of the individual Hs and it is a great honor to receive an “H” award.

Each year, one tribe is named the tribal “Spirit of the Camp.”

But the highest achievement at 4-H camp is the individual award for The Spirit of the Camp.”

This person is usually an older camper, a respected leader in the camp – someone who is or has been a Sagamore or Chief of their tribe.

Each tribe gets to have the Spirit Stick for one night during the week of camp to carve or paint their name on it.

It’s a…

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