Green Bank Telescope

Continued operations for science and education

Green Bank Observatory Director Karen O’Neil announced Tuesday that the Observatory will continue to operate as one of the premiere radio telescope observatories in the world under the most recent National Science Foundation (NSF) Record of Decision (ROD).

According to the NSF documentation, “after careful consideration of a variety of important factors … NSF now issues this Record of Decision (ROD) selecting Alternative A: Collaboration with interested parties for continued science-and education-focused operations with reduced NSF funding (Agency-Preferred Alternative) for implementation.”

“AUI is extremely plea-sed to see a positive resolution of the divestiture recommendation,” said Adam Cohen, President of Associated Universities, Inc., which operates the Observatory. “We look forward to the GBO continuing to serve as a premiere scientific and educational facility within the US and the world for many more years.”

Since October 1, 2016, the GBO has been operated by AUI as a standalone facility when it was separated from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) to encourage and enable…

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