What could $8,000 of education funding mean for one of America’s most financially-stressed populations? For the students in Patrick Henry Community College’s Middle College program, every dollar that goes into the program goes towards helping them reach their goals and makes achieving financial stability more attainable. With $8,000, PHCC’s Middle College program could meet a host of needs and set dozens of students up for future success. When PHCC’s Middle College program applied for a highly-competitive national grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, $8,000 is exactly the amount the program received.

“We are so excited to receive this grant,” says Middle College Instructor Christy Spencer. “With this money, we’ll be able to relieve some financial burdens from our students and make it that much more accessible for them to get ahead in the world.”

Middle College serves roughly 20 students each year providing young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 with a free one-semester GED instruction program. For Middle College staff, though, the goal isn’t just to help students earn a GED. It’s also to help set students up for financial success. By…

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