Steve Frey

It was an All-American type of night in Pulaski. The Yankees provided the fireworks on July 3 during the game, beating the Elizabethton Twins 4-1, and then offered additional fireworks in a magnificent show of light and sound after the game ended.

Yes, this was an Independence Day celebration to remember.

There was an old-fashioned pie-eating contest between innings. Not sure if they were All-American apple pies or not, but the two children competing gave it their all and devoured most of their individual delicacies. There was also a hot dog eating contest, with a group of people gorging on tasty franks in a match worthy of the Nathan’s Famous competition at Coney Island.

Also included in the price of admission: a competitive game, great ballpark food at fair prices, and talented young players giving their all while providing incredible displays of hitting, base-running,…

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