By Betty Gandee

House’s Market is Bickmore is still going strong following the closure of the IGA in Two Run.

The town’s only grocery store was seemingly going downhill, and fast. The owners of IGA, when asked, would state that they were only switching suppliers and changing out old merchandise.  This seemed to be the normal for many months to come, as more and more products disappeared from store shelves, never to be replaced by new inventory.  It all made since when the news came that the doors were going to be shut for good, employees were called and told not to come in as they no longer had a job.

On June 30, 2019, Clay Foods, LLC filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, leaving the town without a grocery store and their employees without jobs. This puts many in the community in a hard spot.  Many depended on this store as a WIC supplier for much needed baby items.  It was also within walking distance to many residents.  Without this grocery store, people will need to travel 20+ miles to the nearest grocery store chain.

On the opposite side of town, House’s Market in Bickmore has been going strong since 1978.  B.A. and Coleen House built this store and have continued to run it successfully for…

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