Caroline Cassell, this year’s Pocahontas County Belle, represented our county at the 67th annual West Virginia Folk Festival in Glenville. She is shown posing on the staircase at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ike Morris, who have sponsored the festival for several years. Photo courtesy of Jetta Wilfong

Laura Dean Bennett
Staff Writer

For 62 years, West Virginia counties have each selected one special lady to be its “County Belle” to represent them at the annual West Virginia Folk Festival in Glenville.

The festival, which just celebrated its 67th year, seeks to preserve and honor the traditional pioneer way of life.

It features old-time music and singing, square dancing, storytelling, heritage crafts and food preparation as participants, guests and the “belles” of West Virginia come together to keep West Virginia’s cultural heritage alive.

Each county is invited to send a representative to the festival.

The “belles” must be at least 70 years old and possess qualities consistent with the spirit of a pioneer woman.    
They personify our culture, traditions, values, crafts and work skills, as they take part in festival events…

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