Pictured above are shots take before and after the wall below the Richardson Trestle was painted.  The next phase of the project will take place this weekend and will be followed by community involvement in spattering the wall; then it will be sealed to protect it against weather effects.


News & Journal Editor

It is probably safe to say that every community has work to do to make it better – whether is it large or small and no matter where it is located.  Just find a starting point and work from there!

The current administration in Shinnston has been concerned about dilapidated property and has made an effort to begin cleaning things up a bit.  The City is also currently sponsoring a ‘beautification” contest for residents to earn a cash prize for working to make a visible change in their property.  Likewise, another project has been undertaken by Councilman Andrew Kisamore to change the appearance of a particular spot as people enter the downtown area.

Mr. Kisamore said, “I always look at the wall near the Richardson Trestle of the Rail Trail that runs through out community.  I remember thinking a couple of years ago that it would be a great place for a mural or to put some kind of signage that makes a statement about our community.  I drew up some tentative plans and presented them to Council at a meeting a month or so ago and they were supportive of it.  It was something I was willing to undertake it by myself, but with working and a family, I discovered I couldn’t do it alone.  So I made a few contacts and got a few other people involved and we’ve begun.”

He reached out to Brad Riffee at the United Way and was told that it was a project they’d like to assist with during their United Way Day of Service.  Plans were made, then postponed and rescheduled, and on Friday, June 28th several volunteers from the Harrison Power Station showed up to paint a white base coat on…

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