RADFORD – Some familiar Radford faces are part of a new exhibit featuring Proms through the ages at Glencoe Mansion, Museum & Gallery.

Radford Prom 1966

Glencoe’s new Special Exhibit is called  “The American Prom: Our Customs and Traditions Through the Years,” and will run from July 10 to September 6.

“For so many Americans the prom seems like such a standard part of life that they don’t stop to think about its very recent origins,” explained Scott Gardner,director of Glencoe and the Radford Heritage Foundation. “As far as a public school dance, the prom has only been part of American culture since the early 20th century. At only a little over 100 years old, this tradition has over time become ensconced in the life of the American teenage experience.”

The exhibit invites viewers to “explore through vintage fashions, accessories and objects the evolution of this…

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