The pillars in the Cheat River visible from the St. George Bridge are a good indicator of how elevated the water levels were.

By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

Fortunately for Tucker County, there were only minor damages during the recent flash flooding events, compared to those inflicted on the Harman and Seneca Rocks areas. According to the WV Department of Highways Maintenance Assistant Adam Helmick, he reported, “Most of our damages were ditch lines being washed out.” In addition to the ditches, the county did experience slides due to banks giving away, some down trees and debris, as well as around 100 feet of asphalt compromised on the River Road. However, the River Road, though passable, has been closed for safety precautions until further assessment can be done and repairs made.

Tammy Carr, Storeroom Clerk with WVDOH, said that the Rail Trail is also part of their requirement to repair. She stated the last time a flooding incident washed it out,…

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