By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

Energy Express is a six week long summer program established in 1995 to aid in children grades first through sixth in their reading and skills and nutrition education. This is a grant funded, emersion program partnering West Virginia University Extension Cooperative and AmeriCorps program. Being such, this means there is no fee associated with
participation, though slots are limited and fill up quickly. Jesica Streets, Tucker County Extension Agent serves as the county contact for the program, with Site Supervisor Christine Ward, TVEMS certified fourth grade teacher, along with Abigail Long, Community Coordinator.

Ward took the time to explain how the Energy Express program is set up utilizing several community facets to make it such a great success. Each site is assigned AmeriCorps Volunteers who serve as the mentors of the program. This year, the Tucker County Site, stationed at TCHS, was fortunate enough to receive eight of…

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