Andy Pendleton

She described her feelings at the moment as “bittersweet.” “Not bitter, really, more sorrowful,” she said. Pendleton’s decision not to run for office for the fifth time was not an easy one. But the sweetness is there, she said, with the new team of city council members and also the new “young” mayor, Jason Smith, whose write-in candidacy won 140 to 102 over Doris Vandall.

Pendleton reflected that the time is rapidly approaching when she “just won’t be going to work” anymore. Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine Rainelle without Andrea “Andy” Pendleton’s energetic enthusiasm and commitment as mayor. This is a mayor whose hand print is firmly embedded in the history of this corner of Greenbrier County. Standing five foot two inches, Pendleton’s approach to the job is to go right to work, often with a shovel and a wheelbarrow, “to show people you’re will to do the work yourself.” And pretty soon, someone would take up the shovel and help out.

“All these years I’ve been a ‘weak mayor,’ she said. The term is used to refer to a mayor with no formal authority outside the council. As such, the mayor’  influence is solely based on personality in order to accomplish desired…

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